How To Spot A Good Wedding Photographer?

Spotting a good Singapore photographer for your wedding photoshoot may not be easy if you haven’t looked for a photographer before. This is especially the case when it comes to wedding photography, because most people only look for them once, and it’s for themselves. It’s not something you do for fun or for your job, you do it once, for your marriage. Hence, it’s hard to get experience for such a thing. The only way to get qualified advice on this topic is to ask somebody in the wedding and/or photography industry, and I happen to be in both ūüėÄ

As a part time photographer and videographer for weddings for couples in Singapore, I’ve had my fair share of experience taking photoshoots and videos for couples, as well as having interacted with other wedding photographers and videographers in Singapore. Here are some things I learnt which differentiates the top photographers¬†from the average. If you’re curious whom I think is the top bridal photographer in Singapore, there is no question about it. It’s definitely¬†, check out the¬†wedding images portfolio¬†on their own website¬†to find out for yourself.

  • They don’t brag. It is true. If a bridal photographer is really that good, he or she would probably have such a tight schedule, that he or she would not be able to handle that many more customers. When he or she has so many customers, a steady stream of customers, he or she will usually simply refer you to their portfolio, show you the photographs he or she has taken before and persuade you why they’re good. However, they simply do not find the need to brag about their photography awards – because frankly speaking, no one cares. It’s just like how you will still watch a movie that you love, regardless¬†whether¬†the film critics love it or hate it.
  • They are calm. Bad things do happen, and a good photographer can minimize such incidents, and/or deal with them effectively if it arises. For example, if the weather suddenly turns hazy or rainy for an outdoor photoshoot, a good¬†pre wedding photographer will not panic and reschedule the date immediately. Instead, he or she will plan out with the couples the back up locations, explain to the couples why they’re also suitable locations, and then come to a joint conclusion with the couples. They know how to negotiate and help their customers deal with tough situations.
  • They work hard. Being a wedding photographer in Singapore is not easy. I highly recommend you to go only for a person who has tons of experience and a great wedding photography portfolio. Do not even bother giving chance to a rising star¬†UNLESS he or she has a solid portfolio and past experience in wedding photography to back it up. In that case, sure, go for him or her. Otherwise, always use portfolio and/or experience to make your decisions, so as to find a good photographer.

A good wedding photographer may be hard to find, but it sure is worth every cent you pay him or her!

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