Quick Review Of Bridal Photographers in Singapore

Most wedding photographers and studios in Singapore perform both pre wedding and actual day photo shoots. Here are some information on the famous bridal photographers in Singapore.

In my opinion, Grandeur Wedding Studio is the best pre wedding day photographer in Singapore. You will easily find that the kind of quality with them. Just check out their website and you will know what I mean. Good is an understatement. Excellent is more like it. They also provide actual day wedding photography, which is great as well, but I personally love their pre wedding photoshoots the most. Just take note that they do not have a physical studio, so their photoshoots are all outdoor photoshoots. (Thankfully Singapore has lots of great locations for photoshoots).

In my opinion, Edmund Photo is one of the best in Singapore when it comes to actual day wedding photoshoot. Many couples turn to them for their actual day photography. Most people hire both a photographer and videographer for their actual day wedding ceremony, and usually one of the top choices for couples in Singapore or couples having their wedding ceremony in Singapore choose either Grandeur or Edmund.

Are You Considering Your Wedding Photo Shoot In Singapore?

If you’re curious what a pre wedding photo shoot session would be like in Singapore, check out the above video.

Although there are people who say that Singapore is not an interesting location for a wedding photo shoot, I beg to differ. It really depends on the skill of the photographer. If you engage a good photographer, you can take amazing photographs in any part of the world – especially Singapore.

With that said, enjoy the above video! Keep in mind though, that they had a whole studio of people running around, because this is a once off photo shoot and they’re filming the entire thing down, so they want to appear more impressive. Most pre wedding photographers simply work on their own.