Good Photography Locations In Singapore For Pre Weddings

Here are some of the best pre wedding photoshoot locations you can find in Singapore.

  • Hort Park
    A hot favorite among couples who are wanting to take their wedding photoshoot in Singapore, Hort Park offers a lot of unique and beautiful locations within it. A relatively big park located in central Singapore, Hort Park is very easy to get to, and offers lots of natural beauty for you to take your wedding images with it as backdrop. Additionally, there are also lots of shady area withinĀ Hort Park for you to rest in Singapore’s hot and humid weather!
  • Helix Bridge
    One of the most popular spots in Singapore for wedding images, it rightly deserves its reputation as so. Located next to Marina Bay Sands, helix bridge offers a unique photography opportunity, as you can choose to either have Singapore’s central business district as your background or Marina Bay Sands as your backdrop. The choice is yours.
  • Changi Boardwalk
    This is a great place for early evening wedding photoshoots. This location allows you to take beautiful photographs around 5pm to 630pm, where the sun is setting. You can definitely take a lot of awesome and amazing looking wedding photographs at Changi Boardwalk with your spouse.
  • Arab Street
    Feel being hippy? Then check out Arab Street. Arab Street is one of the few places in Singapore which allows for legal graffiti on the walls of its buildings. This is the reason why many foreigners flock to Arab Street and take photographs there. The graffiti there is also very pretty and professional looking.
  • Gardens by the Bay
    No couple can say that Gardens by the Bay do not make for a good wedding photoshoot location – because it’s a really beautiful place for one!

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