Quick Review Of Bridal Photographers in Singapore

Most wedding photographers and studios in Singapore perform both pre wedding and actual day photo shoots. Here are some information on the famous bridal photographers in Singapore.

In my opinion, Grandeur Wedding Studio is the best pre wedding day photographer in Singapore. You will easily find that the kind of quality with them. Just check out their website and you will know what I mean. Good is an understatement. Excellent is more like it. They also provide actual day wedding photography, which is great as well, but I personally love their pre wedding photoshoots the most. Just take note that they do not have a physical studio, so their photoshoots are all outdoor photoshoots. (Thankfully Singapore has lots of great locations for photoshoots).

In my opinion, Edmund Photo is one of the best in Singapore when it comes to actual day wedding photoshoot. Many couples turn to them for their actual day photography. Most people hire both a photographer and videographer for their actual day wedding ceremony, and usually one of the top choices for couples in Singapore or couples having their wedding ceremony in Singapore choose either Grandeur or Edmund.

Actual Day Wedding Photography – Expectations For Couples

Actual day wedding photographers have a much tougher job, because they cannot retake a moment after it’s past. It’s mostly candid shots, while pre wedding photo shoots are about posed shots.

This is also the reason why many couples are worried about their actual day wedding photography, because the chances of having it screw up is much higher. That’s why I always recommend couples to look at the wedding photographer’s or studio’s quality by looking at their portfolio, rather than looking at the price – especially for actual day photography.

Anyway, here are some things you can expect when it comes to your actual day wedding photoshoot.

First and foremost, it is ideal for you to get a friend to help you point out who are the people you want more photographs of. This is because the photographer will be an outsider to your circle of family and friends. They would not know whom you’re closer to and prefer more photographs of. Therefore, before the wedding, pick a best man or bridesmaid to help point out the more important people in your invited guest list to the photographer. The bridal photography shoot will go smoother, and you’ll be more pleased with the end results.

Secondly, remember, the photographer is a human. If you want the photographer to capture a particular scene, make sure to let your guests know who your main photographer is, as there will be several guests with their own phones and cameras taking photos, and not every guest will know who is the official bridal photographer for your wedding ceremony. This way, the guests will not block the way of the official photographer, and he or she will then be able to capture the important moments of your wedding ceremony properly and easily.

Third of all, a really important thing is to pick a photographer in Singapore who is capable and experienced. An experienced photographer does not mean he or she takes great photographs, a capable one does. A capable photographer may have excellent photography skillsets but may not have much experience taking bridal photographs. You want a photographer in Singapore who has both capability as well as experience – you want the best of both worlds. You want the best spouse, the best ceremony, the best location, so why not spend more and pick a better photographer too (i.e. www.grandeurweddingstudio.com)?

Good Photography Locations In Singapore For Pre Weddings

Here are some of the best pre wedding photoshoot locations you can find in Singapore.

  • Hort Park
    A hot favorite among couples who are wanting to take their wedding photoshoot in Singapore, Hort Park offers a lot of unique and beautiful locations within it. A relatively big park located in central Singapore, Hort Park is very easy to get to, and offers lots of natural beauty for you to take your wedding images with it as backdrop. Additionally, there are also lots of shady area within Hort Park for you to rest in Singapore’s hot and humid weather!
  • Helix Bridge
    One of the most popular spots in Singapore for wedding images, it rightly deserves its reputation as so. Located next to Marina Bay Sands, helix bridge offers a unique photography opportunity, as you can choose to either have Singapore’s central business district as your background or Marina Bay Sands as your backdrop. The choice is yours.
  • Changi Boardwalk
    This is a great place for early evening wedding photoshoots. This location allows you to take beautiful photographs around 5pm to 630pm, where the sun is setting. You can definitely take a lot of awesome and amazing looking wedding photographs at Changi Boardwalk with your spouse.
  • Arab Street
    Feel being hippy? Then check out Arab Street. Arab Street is one of the few places in Singapore which allows for legal graffiti on the walls of its buildings. This is the reason why many foreigners flock to Arab Street and take photographs there. The graffiti there is also very pretty and professional looking.
  • Gardens by the Bay
    No couple can say that Gardens by the Bay do not make for a good wedding photoshoot location – because it’s a really beautiful place for one!

If you need a good wedding photographer, check out http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/.

How To Spot A Good Wedding Photographer?

Spotting a good Singapore photographer for your wedding photoshoot may not be easy if you haven’t looked for a photographer before. This is especially the case when it comes to wedding photography, because most people only look for them once, and it’s for themselves. It’s not something you do for fun or for your job, you do it once, for your marriage. Hence, it’s hard to get experience for such a thing. The only way to get qualified advice on this topic is to ask somebody in the wedding and/or photography industry, and I happen to be in both 😀

As a part time photographer and videographer for weddings for couples in Singapore, I’ve had my fair share of experience taking photoshoots and videos for couples, as well as having interacted with other wedding photographers and videographers in Singapore. Here are some things I learnt which differentiates the top photographers from the average. If you’re curious whom I think is the top bridal photographer in Singapore, there is no question about it. It’s definitely http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore, check out the wedding images portfolio on their own website to find out for yourself.

  • They don’t brag. It is true. If a bridal photographer is really that good, he or she would probably have such a tight schedule, that he or she would not be able to handle that many more customers. When he or she has so many customers, a steady stream of customers, he or she will usually simply refer you to their portfolio, show you the photographs he or she has taken before and persuade you why they’re good. However, they simply do not find the need to brag about their photography awards – because frankly speaking, no one cares. It’s just like how you will still watch a movie that you love, regardless whether the film critics love it or hate it.
  • They are calm. Bad things do happen, and a good photographer can minimize such incidents, and/or deal with them effectively if it arises. For example, if the weather suddenly turns hazy or rainy for an outdoor photoshoot, a good pre wedding photographer will not panic and reschedule the date immediately. Instead, he or she will plan out with the couples the back up locations, explain to the couples why they’re also suitable locations, and then come to a joint conclusion with the couples. They know how to negotiate and help their customers deal with tough situations.
  • They work hard. Being a wedding photographer in Singapore is not easy. I highly recommend you to go only for a person who has tons of experience and a great wedding photography portfolio. Do not even bother giving chance to a rising star UNLESS he or she has a solid portfolio and past experience in wedding photography to back it up. In that case, sure, go for him or her. Otherwise, always use portfolio and/or experience to make your decisions, so as to find a good photographer.

A good wedding photographer may be hard to find, but it sure is worth every cent you pay him or her!

Being A Wedding Photographer In Singapore

Becoming a professional bridal photographer in Singapore is not a commonly discussed topic, because everyone is obsessed about the financial industry in Singapore. In the past, people used to be obsessed about the shipping industry, followed by the financial industry now. However, being a bridal photographer has all along been a lucrative career opportunity. This is because the wedding photography is an industry where top photographers are paid a lot, and terrible photographers get chased out of the industry extremely quickly.

Here are some things you may want to note if you’re considering a career in wedding photography in Singapore, as few websites will ever share with you how it is like being a professional bridal photographer in Singapore.

Firstly, you are usually placed with a lot of trust. If you are not the type of person who can take such pressure, do not be a wedding photographer, and certainly not an actual day wedding photographer in Singapore. This is because people in Singapore love to complain about all kinds of things, so if you do not take nice photographs of them, you’re almost guaranteed bad reviews and complaints of you will pop up on social media. If you have the guts and strong self belief in the quality of your wedding images, read on. Here’s a good post by Photography Concentrate on the most difficult things about being a wedding photographer.

Secondly, there is one big difference between wedding photography and other types of professional photography. This is especially the case for actual day event photography. There is no such thing as asking the couple to go back and re enact a scene just because you screwed up. You must make sure you make it right the first time. Therefore, you must be a real expert at candid photography to be an excellent wedding photographer!

Thirdly, it is widely known among the photography industry that being a wedding photographer is the epitome of photography. It is the hardest and most stressful type of photography available, due to the high expectations of the customers. In fact, that is the reason why bridal photographers are among the highest paid photographers in the world, and this is hte case in Singapore too!